Windows 10 Mobile is dead: Switch to iOS or Android, Microsoft says

Windows 10 Mobile is dead: Switch to iOS or Android, Microsoft says

Windows 10 Mobile is dead: Switch to iOS or Android, Microsoft says

All the Windows Phone users/ lovers would be definitely disappointed after hearing that Microsoft company will soon end all support for Windows 10 Mobile, previously called Windows Phone. Windows 10 Mobile is dead: Switch to iOS or Android, Microsoft says

Many users have been raising their queries on the same at the Microsoft support page and company also suggested all the users of Windows phones switch to switch to iOS or Android smartphones

The Microsoft company has recently uploaded a support page titled Windows 10 Mobile End of Support: FAQ. First spotted by Thurrott, the page reveals the Microsoft company’s plans to wind down the smartphone platform.

All Windows 10 Mobile users on the latest version 1709 will no longer be able to receive new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free assisted support options, and online technical content updates after 10th of December and Lumia 640 along with Lumia 640 XL on version 1703 will last until June 11, 2019.

Microsoft also said that third parties or paid support programs may continue, but it will no longer publicly provide updates or patches for the platform. 

Furthermore, the Microsoft company also advised Windows smartphone users to create a backup manually by using the built-in tool before the due date because, after that, the tool will be phased out.

How to backup their date

To back up their date, the user all needs to go to the settings of the smartphone device and tap on Updates & Security section. Now go to the Backup option and then select More Options where you can find the Back up now option.

Microsoft company also confirmed that it is not considering its voice assistant – Cortana as competition to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Microsoft CEO also said that improving its Voice Assistant and it aims to be used on Google Assistant and Alexa like how we use our apps on Android and iOS.

After the end of support system, both automatic and manual creation of new device backups for settings and some apps will continue for three months to March 10, 2020. Some more services like, including picture uploads and device restoration through backups, will continue to work for up to 12 months.

Just to be clear here, the Windows 10 smartphone device itself will not shut down once support ends. The continued usage for the mobile device, though, it will carry more risk as there will be no more security updates, and services such as restoration from backups will eventually time out.

Now one of the biggest question arising here that if support ending in less than a year then what should Windows 10 Mobile users do?

Microsoft company recommends the Windows smartphone users to switch to a supported Android or iOS device.

Microsoft’s end of support for Windows 10 Mobile most probably the company’s method to cover the way for the rumored Surface smartphone, codenamed Andromeda.

 It is supposed to be a folding smartphone, which is apparently the next stage in mobile evolution as companies such as Samsung and Huawei get ready to release such smartphone devices.

The company also mentions that Microsoft is working with many other commercial customers to make sure it is successfully migrated to a supported platform before the end of support date. For more latest gadgets news keep reading

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