List of best upcoming 14 smartphone which supports 5G in India

List of best upcoming 14 smartphone which supports 5G in India

List of best upcoming 14 smartphone which supports 5G in India

Who does not want lightning faster access to the internet when out and about? The next generation of mobile internet, 5G — short for “the fifth generation” — is about to happen, and it’s transporting exceptional data download and upload speeds with it. But there is still a way to go until 5G is as global as the extensively available 4G, and mobiles companies still taking its first baby steps into a faster future. Whether you think we need 5G or not, we’re gonna see more and more producers start picking up the new standard — and we expect to see the first commercially available 5G phones in 2019. So, here the list of best upcoming 14 smartphone which supports 5G in India.


There is absolutely no doubt that Apple will pick up 5G eventually, here the only question is “when it happened?” At the present moment, the gossips indicate that the iPhone giant won’t be looking to release a 5G iPhone until 2020 — so we expect 5G abilities on the iPhone XIS.

This is no astonishment, really. Apple can be slow to approve new technology, just look at how long it took for it to accept wireless charging and water-resistance technology. That is not because Apple is little lazy — apart from it. Instead, Apple will likely only include the standard once it is sure it works fine and is not a waste of time. Being in a leading market position, Apple can afford to wait sometime.

Apple smartphones rumored to support 5G

  • iPhone 2020


Well, now there haven’t been any rumors from Google about a 5G technology update for the Pixel range but it is early days yet. The Pixel 3 has only just introduced by the company and if Google sticks to it’s, as usual, schedule, we will not be seeing the Pixel 4 until mid or October 2019.

Though, Pixel 4 range would likely enclose the upcoming Snapdragon 855, a chip broadly supposed to support 5G technology connections. If that’s true, it’s highly possible that 2019’s Pixel 4 range will support 5G technology. We will provide each and single details here as the updates emerge.


Like a few other makers, there has been no word on when Nokia handsets will support 5G technology. However, Nokia has been very active in helping to build up 5G set-up and is elaborate with the city of Tokyo to deliver 5G networks in time for the 2020 Olympics. In August 2018, T-Mobile also announced it was working with Nokia to help build worlds 5G network. It could also make $3.50 for every single 5G smartphone released, all thanks to its work on the standard.

While HMD Global, the producer of Nokia branded phones, has not yet let rumors slip that it’s working on a 5G smartphone, we can not imagine it will be too long before we hear to coming one.


Like other smartphone companies, Honor will likely be working closely with sister company Huawei, that has not frozen its ambition to pip its bigger sibling to the post in launching a phone with 5G support technology. Honor has recently announced its intention to be the first phone company to release a full 5G phone — which expects to do in early 2019.

At the present moment, it is likely any 5G smartphone will be a flagship-level device, and if we looking at Honor’s usual release schedule, it’s completely possible the Honor View 20 will be Honor’s stab at breaking the 5G technology market before anyone else. Gadgets verdict keep you updated as news rolls in.


There is no official confirmation that when HTC has released its 5G Smartphones and also there is no HTC phones have yet surfaced with rumored 5G support.

But don’t ignore the industry past master. HTC was confirmed to be one of the companies working with Qualcomm to bring 5G support to 2019 smartphone devices. That means we will probably be seeing an HTC device with 5G support before the year is out but also we have no idea which one. The HTC U13 would be the observable pick, though.


Huawei has not talked much about its ambitions for 5G and first spoke about its smartphone handsets with 5G support in February 2018. Since 2019 was the target date for releasing its 5G, and it seems that Huawei is still pushing that deadline.

interestingly, many speculations point to Huawei’s folding smartphone as being the first center for Huawei’s 5G ambitions. That would be not good for technological goodness indeed. Or else, the Huawei P30 Pro would be another noticeable choice for the tech lovers but that is just rumor at this stage.

Huawei phones rumored to support 5G

  • Huawei folding smartphone


LG is another of Qualcomm’s confirmed 5G partners like other smartphone companies but the South Korean veteran has been busy outside of that partnership. LG is also sacking for the goal of bringing the first 5G  smartphone on the market and teamed up with Sprint to deliver a 5G device for release in early 2019. Since this smartphone is likely to be an exclusive partnership with Sprint, it might be a phone isolated to the LG G8 ThinQ.

LG phones rumored to support 5G

  • LG/Sprint phone


Motorola is in something of a unique position when it comes to adopting new technology on this list because it has technically already released a smartphone with 5G capabilities.

 The Moto Z3 uses Motorola’s latest Moto Mod attachment to add a 5G power pack accessory onto the back of the smartphone, making it possible to access 5G technology networks. However, it will when the accessory becomes available in mid-2019 and even then, it will only be available to Verizon customers. So while Motorola technically has a 5G smartphone already, most people are not really including it as the first 5G smartphone released. That honor is being saved for the company that releases a device with built-in 5G support.

But it does mean Motorola has shown its hand in terms of 5G support, and we can absolutely expect to see even more 5G connectivity hitting Motorola smartphones in next year (2019). Gadgets verdict gives you all latest updates regarding this device.

Motorola phones that support 5G

  • Moto Z3 (with Moto Mod)


OnePlus is another big flagship smartphone manufacturer that has committed to a 5G-capable smartphone in 2019 but that statement may not be all it seems, according to some speculations.

At the recent Shanghai Mobile World Congress, OnePlus CEO and founder Pete Lau confirmed OnePlus set to release a 5G-ready phone in early 2019. Though a new report alleges OnePlus will be seeking to introduce a new range for 5G technology support, basically the OnePlus 7 or 7T would be unlikely to have 5G capabilities.

The logic is clear: 5G technology is likely to be costly and may drive the OnePlus 7 out of OnePlus’s typical midrange pricing, making it a huge departure for the manufacturers. Hence, a new model might be introduced to sidestep this issue. However, OnePlus has not shied away from offering cool new tech in its flagship line so far — the OnePlus 6T debuted an in-display fingerprint scanner, and so it would not be surprising for OnePlus to slip 5G connectivity into the OnePlus 7. We will give you upcoming updates related to this for sure.

OnePlus phones rumored to support 5G

  • Unnamed 2019 OnePlus phone


Oppo recently made waves by claiming an Oppo smartphone was the first to access a 5G network. According to a statement made by Oppo Global Vice President Brian Shen, the 5G connection was made on a pre-commercially available Oppo R15. Recently, Oppo claims to have held a WeChat video call using 5G technology.

If all these claims are true, then it seems Oppo could end up rising the winner’s stand for the first real 5G-enabled smartphone. But there is no proof available right now and we have to wait till its released.

Oppo phones rumored to support 5G

  • Oppo R15


Samsung is the leading mobile manufacturer in the world and it would be meaningless to expect it to sit back and ignore the 5G bandwagon. Samsung already announced it would create a 5G enables handset for Verizon, one for AT&T (though we are not completely sure if these will be the same product with different antennas), and at least one version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is widely expected to support 5G technology.

Previously this year, Samsung’s CEO Dong-Jin Koh confirmed in a press event which is held in South Korea that the S10 won’t be Samsung’s first 5G enabled device. That may mean carrier-branded handsets device may come first, or it may be planning to amazed us with a completely different smartphone device. With Samsung’s new focus on its midrange phones, could one of them be thrust into the highlight? Or perhaps it might be Samsung’s folding smartphone? Well, we have to wait for some time and see.

Samsung phones rumored to support 5G

  • Unknown Samsung 5G smartphone
  • Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Samsung 5G smartphone for AT&T
  • Samsung 5G smartphone for Verizon


There has been no official confirmation from Sony that when they have going to adopt the 5G technology, so we have no clue when a 5G Xperia smartphone device might be released. However, Sony is on one the leading Qualcomm’s list of 5G partners, so you will definitely see one in 2019.


Chinese juggernaut Xiaomi has placed its cards flat on the table, announcing a 5G-capable model of its Mi Mix 3 will be available. However, despite announcing it on Twitter, this model might not be available until 2019. Will it be out initial enough to be the first? There has been no sign it will be — but at least we know that what exactly Xiaomi is offering in its smartphone devices.

Xiaomi phones that support 5G

  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 (5G model)


ZTE is named as another in the list of Qualcomm’s 5G partners and initially scheduled to release a 5G smartphone in early 2019. Unfortunately, ZTE has had to delay its first 5G smartphone programme until mid-2019 for an unknown reason. So while ZTE is still on the 5G wagon, but do not expect it to be the first to the smartphone market.


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